It’s an act of life

We’ve all been part of the freakshow circus

officially known as gender

since the day we were born.


He’s a boy!

He’s born with a penis

so we’ll clothe him in blue

and he’ll grow up to be manly,

and we’ll tell him to

never be a sissy or a

big girl’s blouse.


She’s a girl!

She’s born with a vagina

so we’ll dress her in pink

and she’ll grow up to be

a pretty little girl,

but we’ll tell her to man up

when she’s being too much

of a girly girl.


While he plays with trucks, trains

and his macho action figures,

she plays with dolls in prams and

she helps with making the tea,

washing the pots and doing the laundry;

she’s praised ‘You’ll make a good wife one day’.


The innocence of childhood departs with the

abrupt arrival of puberty,

slapping you right in the face

with the never ending growth of body hair

and other bodily changes.


A boy is welcomed into manhood when hair covers

his face, his arms, his chest, his legs, his armpits

and his area of pride and utmost masculinity.

The more hair and the deeper his newly broken voice,

the more macho and masculine

he will be- the better off he will be.


A girl is welcomed into womanhood when hair covers

her face, her arms, her chest, her legs, her armpits

and her area of purity and demeaning femininity.

As soon as hair arrives she’s armed with

razors, waxing strips, epilators, offers for laser hair removal

because no one ever wants to see body hair

anywhere on a woman- it’s disgusting.


The wardrobe is pretty extensive for a woman.

She can free her hairless legs with skirts and cute dresses,

but not too short otherwise

she’ll be called a slut.

She can free her hairless armpits in

sleeveless tops with plunging necklines,

but she must have some modesty otherwise

she’ll be called a whore.

She can feel confident and look sexy with high heel shoes

but can she run away fast enough

because she’s asking for it?

A gorgeous handbag is an ideal accessory for a woman

which will very likely have a rape alarm inside.


The wardrobe is pretty limited for a man.

He can free his hairy legs in shorts

but not in a skirt or dress otherwise

he’ll be called a pussy.

He can free his hairy armpits in

sleeveless tops but guys with

muscular arms wear them much better.

If he can’t wear skirts then he certainly

can’t wear high heel shoes.

Besides, he doesn’t need to run away from anything.

If a man wants some sort of bag then it

definitely has to be a man-bag.


If a woman doesn’t wear makeup,

she’s not making an effort;

she’s a slob.

If a woman does wear makeup

she’s hiding her true self;

she’s ugly.

Whatever way, she transforms her face

on a daily basis in front of the mirror,

enhancing her cheeks, her eyes and lips,

hiding the blemishes and imperfections

which no one ever wants to see.


If a man decides to wear makeup

he’s in touch with his feminine side,

which is fine in small doses but really,

he shouldn’t be wearing makeup;

it’s weird and unmasculine.

He can transform himself

into a masterpiece of beauty

but he’ll just be seen as a freak.


Our whole life is a performance.

Don’t be a puppet of gender;

Act the way you want to.


© Clare Abbott (September 2016)


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